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The World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Premium Quality Awards

Premium Products Of Laconia, Greece

Premium Quality & Health Claim Awards

Athens IOOC – 24 Awards

Japan Olive Oil Prize – 42 Awards

LA IOOC – 13 Awards

NYIOOC – 16 Awards

TerraOlivo IOOC – 26 Awards

EVO IOOC – 43 Awards

Cinve IOOC – 3 Awards

Leon D’Oro – 6 Awards

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A New Generation leads Laconiko to Excellence

Diamantis and Dino Pierrakos reinventing how love, passion, commitment, traditions, and values can be reflected in the quality of their olive oil.  Much more than an olive oil brand, Laconiko symbolizes generational aspiration, parental sacrifice, time-honored tradition, hopes, dreams, love, passion, community, connection, integrity and the soul of a family that believes in its product and each other.

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Perfect 5 Star Rating On Google

After reading a couple books about the differences between mainstream supermarket olive oil and the real thing, I searched to find the ``real thing`` -- and have found it in Laconiko. Once a person tastes good, fresh, earthy olive oil, there really is no going back. All my food tastes better! I love that it is family owned and operated. I have always received genuine and appreciative responses from customer service. Also, not just the olive oils -- but the vinegars have made me a salad hero in my family. The white balsamic with lemon and cucumber is my favorite. We eat salads daily now. Grilled vegetables are fantastic with the Dark Balsamic -- for some reason my husband drizzles it on potato chips. I feel privileged to have found a great company and great product line. Thank you.

— Lisa Golem

This is literally the best olive oil in the world. They have multiple awards and countless reviews to prove it, but the proof is in the product. By switching to an elite level oil you elevate your cooking. I read the book about olive oil being the most counterfeited food product in the world, and started to look for better products that were not fakes. I happened across these brothers at a local Greek festival, and they had the book on their table. Their oil was used as the gold standard for what oil should be. We have been using their oil for 7 years now. I even have the growler size.

Do yourself a favor, eat better.

— John P.

The world best olive oil and balsamic vinegar that I have ever tried! I love their all flavored oil, but the best is none flavored olive oil with full flavor a pinch of spicy which you can experience only with high quality fresh olive oil. I love their while balsamic with sourdough. They ship the glass bottles very safely packed. They are good for gifts. I am gonna buy them for X-mas gifts this year. I highly recommend!

— B. Bright

I have been using Laconiko oils for over 10 years and it is, simply, the best. I often find myself planning my meal around which oil I would like to use. Well worth the shipping cost. Just the nicest people!!! I met members of this family at a wine festival in Virginia and did a ``tasting`` for the first time. They were very generous with their time & information and truly seem to love what they do.

— Kathleen Manship

These are the best oil and balsamic I've ever had. The Olive oil is fresh and tastes wonderful. My favorites are cucumber balsamic and extra virgin olive oil. I love the dark balsamic as well.
I hesitated to order them because the price wasn't cheap, but I don't regret it. The packaging was good, and their handwritten letter was so impressive. I strongly recommend their products. It's worth it.

— Hyokyung Kim

The only thing better than Laconiko Olive Oil is Diamantis! His hopsitality, Warmth, and as the Greeks say ``Kefi`` are reflected in every product that Laconiko provides. All their oils and Vinegars are of amazing quality. You haven't tasted olive oil until you tast Laconiko Olive Oil. I only use their flavored oils because they tast fresh and bright, NOT Fake. About to put in another order..... Love Laconiko!

— Alexander Tiches

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