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We always looked forward to our yearly olive oil harvest, because not only does it signify the importance of our new harvest oil but also our yearly production of hand made extra virgin olive oil soap. Yes you read correct! Olive Oil Soap!

Back in the day when everything was all natural, when laundry detergents, mass produced commercial soap and commercial shampoo filled with unnatural ingredients were not readily available, our family made 100% all natural extra virgin olive oil soap. It had always been a tradition in our family that had been passed down from one generation to the next, to make enough soap that will last the whole year for all our hygienic needs. As it was then it is today, this tradition continues with us.

Our exclusive line of extra virgin olive soap made from our award winning extra virgin olive oil.
Made from the olive fiber that is collected once our olive oil has been naturally filtered.

Excellent for moisturizing your dry skin, help treat eczema and psoriasis just to name a few! 100% Natural 100% Healthy