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Join the EXCLUSIVE Laconiko retail family

Discover all the benefits by choosing to work with a family that cares and experience over 150 products exclusively offered only to our wholesale accounts

By choosing to work with Laconiko you are choosing to work with a family that cares, is passionate, shows loyalty to you, and will work above and beyond to cater to your needs.  You will be given access to over 150+ award-winning, health-focused estate oils, vinegars, and products at wholesale prices, offered only to our retail family.

We take pride in working closely with each individual retail client to cater to your individual needs and create unique products that will build a healthy working relationship.  Whether you are a large or small retailer, require bulk or pre-bottled product, with large or small order quantities with an extremely fast turnaround time guaranteed, we are the family for you!

We are a family committed to quality, service, and will stand behind our product 100%!  We will NEVER bind you to any contracts or limit you to working exclusively with us. If you are not pleased with our products or services, you are not obligated to continue business with us.  We do not foresee this being the case as we are confident in the product and services we provide.

Our promise to you!

Pre-bottle Wholesale

All our extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars are available pre-bottled!

Large or small case quantities we will work with you in covering any of your pre-bottling needs.

You will receive a list of our exclusive line of our finished product ready to sale.

With very fast turnaround time of less than a week!

Bulk Wholesale

We offer over 80+ extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars for all your bulk needs.

We can cater to a number of Oil and Vinegar stores, specialty stores, wine shops, gourmet stores and restaurant with very low minimum orders.

We take pride in working closely with each individual Laconiko partner to create a healthy working relationship and create products exclusively catered to your needs.

Along with our Bulk program we can also offer stainless steel dispensers, bottles, corks, and sleeves.

Our turn around time is less than a few days guaranteed!  In many cases we can get them out to you within the same day your order is placed!

Private Label Wholesale

Your brand our award winning product line…

Whether you are large or small, if your answer is yes, we can work with you to create a label customizable to you.

We will offer not only our expertise and our custom die cuts that we already have available, but we can even apply your custom-made labels and have them filled and ready to ship!

Turn around time depends on your project needs,  minimum order may apply.