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Kalamata Olives


In our family, extra virgin olive oil and olives are a staple in almost every meal. We rarely serve one without the other. To accompany our award-winning Laconiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we are proud to share our Ultra Premium Kalamata Olives with you! Handpicked to carefully guarantee that they are the freshest. Not only are they of exceptional quality and rich flavor, but they are healthy too! Perfect on salads, pasta and as a healthy snack!


Harvested in Lakonia, the region known in producing the Best Kalamata (Kalamon) olives in the world. These are all handpicked at their ideal time to maximize flavor and nutritional values. These Kalamata Olives are debittered using centuries old practices that are 100% natural. An over 3 month process, the olives resting and slowly debittered naturally by frequently changing Mediterranean salt water until optimal consistency and flavor, until their final natural preservation in salt water, red wine vinegar and topped off with the Best Greek Olive oil!

Enjoy another amazing plant-based Superfood, that is not only healthy but flavorful!

Made with Love, Passion and Dedication!

Kalamata Olive FAQs

How are Laconiko’s Kalamata olives made?

We introduced our Ultra Premium Kalamata Olives to accompany our award-winning extra virgin olive oil, so we knew we couldn’t skimp on the quality of our olives. That’s why we handpick every Kalamata olive we sell, ensuring they’re at the peak of freshness in Lakonia, known for producing the best Kalamata olives in the world. We debitter our Kalamata olives using a 100% natural brining process with the salt water of the Mediterranean sea, and top them with the finest Greek olive oil in the jar.

Can I use Laconiko Kalamata olives in a salad?

Absolutely! These olives taste great on everything, from salads and pastas to pizzas and even as a snack. Try Laconiko Ultra Premium Kalamata Olives today!

What does the name “Kalamata” mean?

Kalamata is the name of a city in the southern Peloponnese region of Greece, where the Kalamata olives originated. In fact, Kalamata is a term protected under protected designation of origin status, meaning that only Kalamatas from the Peloponnese region are allowed to be called such – otherwise, they should be called Kalamon olives.

At Laconiko, we use only the finest Kalamata olives that are hand-picked to ensure their freshness and quality.