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Laconiko is proud to introduce a balsamic vinegar that represents the best of Modena, Italy. This balsamic is unique in that it matches the same high quality standards of our Laconiko’s award – winning extra virgin olive oil. An exclusive line distributed and made exclusively just for Laconiko, by a small balsamic vinegar producer in Modena Italy adhering to the strict industry leading standards of Laconiko. Quality of these balsamic vinegars are unlike anything you have experienced in the US Market.

  • Produced in Modena Italy with aged Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes following the strict production traditions and principles of Modena.

  • Naturally made with NO sweetening, No thickening, No Flavoring, No colorant agents and no added sulfites.

  • 100% Natural Sugars (NO added Sugars, EVER!)

  • Extremely high density of 1.34 for our Platinum Label and 1.29 for our Gold White Label

  • Aged in decades old oak barrels which add flavor and complexity to our Balsamic condimento.

  • Intense aroma and very dense, balanced and refreshing yet mature and incredibly Versatile.

We offer you our Platinum Label Tradition Thick Dark Balsamic Condiment and our Gold White Label Traditional Balsamic Condiment. All Naturally made without any sweetening, thickening or colorant agents and no added sulfites.

Platinum Label Dark Balsamic

Our Platinum Label Dark Balsamic is obtained from the maturation of cooked grape must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes which are then slowly aged in a battery of fine quality wooden barrels until sweet and dense rich bouquets of flavors are reached. This quality-controlled process gives it a wonderful intense aroma and dense, velvety texture, while maintaining a lightness and delicate hint of acidity, ideal for many dishes including desserts.

Acidity – 4.5%, Density -1.34, Grape Must – 863.7 g/l , 87% Grape Must

Gold Label  White Balsamic 

Our Gold White Label Balsamic Condiment is the result of carefully blending cooked white Trebbiano grape must and delicate fine white wine vinegar which are then aged for several years by closely following the principals of Modena traditions. Delicate, balanced and refreshing yet mature and surprisingly sweet.



Acidity – 4%, Density -1.29, Grape Must – 745.4 g/l , 75% Grape Must

Balsamic Vinegar FAQs

Where is Laconiko balsamic vinegar made?

To be allowed to call itself “balsamic,” a vinegar must be made in Modena, Italy. Laconiko is proud to partner with a Modena-based small producer who follows the strict, industry-leading standards of Laconiko quality. This means that Laconiko balsamic vinegar matches the same high quality of our award-winning olive oil, for a product that’s unlike anything else in the US market.

What grapes are used to make Laconiko balsamic vinegar?

Our partner in Modena makes balsamic vinegar using a combination of aged Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape must. The vinegars are aged in decades-old oak barrels for a complex flavor that’s still balanced and refreshing. The process yields a dense, velvety vinegar that has a light, delicate acidity, making it ideal for many dishes including desserts.

Do Laconiko balsamics include added sugar?

No! Laconiko balsamic vinegar only contains 100% natural sugars from the grapes used, without added sugar, sweeteners, thickening agents, flavoring, coloring, or sulfites. When you buy Laconiko, you’re getting a pure, high-quality product.

How acidic are Laconiko balsamic vinegars?

Laconiko Platinum Label Dark Balsamic vinegar, made from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape must that’s aged in wooden barrels, has an acidity of 4.5% and density of 1.34. Laconiko Gold Label White Balsamic, made from a blend of cooked white Trebbiano grape must and fine white wine vinegar that’s aged for several years, has an acidity of 4% and density of 1.29.