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Estate Olive Oil Flavored Olive Oil

Flavored Olive Oil


Our reputation for quality and health does not stop with our estate olive oils! Did you know that Laconiko happens to be the most awarded producer of Flavored extra virgin olive oils in the world? Literally!


100% Natural extra virgin olive oils made exclusively from the Koroneiki olive varietal.

We produce over 22 flavored olive oils for our Laconiko family and over 62 flavored olive oils exclusively available only to our Laconiko Wholesale family.

We assure that our quality standards that we use for our estate oils is applied in all our flavored olive oils, this is why our flavored olive oils have been recognized for their quality in so many international olive oils competitions. We take no shortcuts in our process, all our flavored olive oils go through rigorous testing to assure we have the necessary polyphenol count we demand, to make them not only extremely flavorful but super healthy as well.

We at Laconiko certify that our olive oil is firstly graded as extra virgin olive oil, made with healthy green olive oil fruit crushed at their peak to maximize
polyphenol content, before our olive oil is flavored.

We use the highest quality oils made from whole fruits/herbs which are cold crushed at their peak and extracted using a centrifuge, the same process used to make our olive oil, before cold fusing/blending them with our awarded extra virgin olive oil.

Advise from an expert Olive Oil Sommelier on what to watch out for:
Many so called Fused or Infused oils in the market use oils made from bad/spoiled olive fruit, sometimes not even olive oil. They then flavor them using high temperatures or an untimed right process crushing olive fruit with other fruit and herbs. Due to the fact that olive fruit and other types of fruit and herbs being crushed together do not tend to mature or peak at the same time, it thus makes them unpleasant or defective oils.

Please remember, if an olive oil is flavored, it should be clean in the mouth (not oily tasting) and fresh smelling in the nose. If it does not have those 2 things at least, it is not what you are looking for. If you are looking for a healthy flavored olive oil, look for pepperiness in the olive oil as well.

Flavored Olive Oil FAQs

How many olive oil flavors does Laconiko offer?

Laconiko produces over 22 flavored oils for our Laconiko family, and over 62 oils that are exclusively available to our Wholesale suppliers. Flavors range from delicate, like Lavender and Dillemon, to strong, like Harissa, Citrus Habanero, and Black Truffle, to herbaceous and citrus, like Blood Orange, Lemongrass Basil, Pesto, and more.

How are Laconiko flavored olive oils made?

Our flavored olive oils are made from our high-quality extra virgin olive oil infused with whole fruits and herbs, which are cold crushed at the peak of their freshness and extracted via centrifuge before blending with our oil. This ensures a higher-quality product than competitors, which use high temperatures and old fruit, leading to an unpleasant taste.

In addition, we test our flavored olive oils to ensure they maintain the same quality as our estate oils, and refuse to take shortcuts. That’s why our flavored oils have won so many awards: they taste great and are incredibly healthy!

What should I look for when tasting a flavored olive oil?

Many producers take shortcuts with flavored oils, since they count on the infused flavors to mask any imperfections in the oil itself. To test the quality of a flavored oil yourself, note its smell and mouthfeel. It should have a fresh scent of the oil and the flavoring, and it should feel clean in the mouth, not oily. For a healthy oil, look out for the distinctive pepperiness in the throat as well. If your flavored olive oil doesn’t have these flavors, it’s not a high-quality oil.