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The Laconiko Difference

1013joo - March 15, 2022 - 0 comments

Experience the FIRST AND ONLY CERTIFIED HIGH PHENOLIC OLIVE OILS in North America.  If you’re truly passionate about food, health and flavor, you must be passionate about each ingredient that goes into every dish. The olive oil you cook with becomes the foundation of your health, so it’s paramount that you choose a high-quality, HEALTHY extra-virgin olive oil you can consume and enjoy for your cooking, salads, and even baked goods.

‘Let thy food be thy medicine and Medicine by thy food’

Hippocrates (400BC) ~ The Doctor of Medicine

Laconiko olive oil is made from organically-cultivated Koroneiki olive trees grown by two brothers, Diamantis & Dino Pierrakos, in their family farm in the Southern coastline of Lakonia, Greece, where the sandy soil, Greek sun, and Mediterranean sea breeze combine to create the profiles of their unique olive oils.  Harvested early in the season in order to optimize quality not quantity, then cold-press for the ultimate flavor and health benefits. The Pierrakos family has been producing this olive oil for four generations, and they have been improving their craft for nearly a hundred years.

Their efforts have led to literally hundreds of awards, including Best Olive Oil Society in Greece, Best Flavored Olive Oil Producer in the World, Best Koroneiki Varietal in Greece, and more. Due to their success, they have been able to branch out into complimentary products such as balsamic vinegars, wine vinegars, soaps, and more.  Look for their products in a store near you or browse the online collection today!

Olive oil from our family to yours

Although the family have owned their olive grove in the Peloponnese and farmed the fruit of its trees for four generations, Laconiko began in the fall of 2009.  Realizing that their farm had to start a new chapter to maintain itself. “We were inspired by this need to keep our family heritage, traditions, and values alive, and reinvent how love and passion could be reflected in the quality of our olive oil.” – The two brothers, Dino and Diamantis Pierrakos

Since then, Laconiko has grown to heights their father, Vasilis, only dreamed about, all the while staying true to their family traditions and values. When you choose Laconiko olive oil, you make an investment in a family that vows to produce the finest olive oil you can find.

Award-winning olive oils

Since starting their company, they have won over 320 International Awards from the Most Prestigious International Olive Oil Competitions, such as the EVO IOOC, Japan Olive Oil Prize, Terraolivo, London IOOC, Olive Japan, Dubai IOOC, Athena IOOC, including 8 consecutive years being recognized at the prestigious New York IOOC World Olive Oil Competition and many more. Their Award winning collection is globally recognized not only for their quality but also for their healthy benefits, winning many Health Claim Awards.

The Laconiko family business has not been content on the laurels of their success for only their extra-virgin olive oil. They also produce award-winning cold crushed flavor-infused olive oils, such as Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange, Garlic, Herb de Provence, Greek Seasoning, Mushroom Thyme, Black Truffle, and many more. The flavored oils are made with the same exact process as their estate oils, and infused with cold-crushed, fresh whole fruits and herbs for superior flavor.

Their Cold Infused Olive Oil collection have received the most coveted Best in Class, Best of Show, Double Gold and Platinum Awards from all around the world. In fact, their cold infused olive oils are ranked as the best in the world, recently recognized as the Best Flavored Olive Oil producer in the world by Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Ranking 2021.  The brothers are driven with an extraordinary determination to constantly improve and offer the absolute best for the extended Laconiko family as they move into the future!

Superior freshness, quality and health benefits

Koroneiki olives are renowned for their superior oil, which is why they are used in all their olive oils. The Laconiko Koroneiki olive trees harvested on the estate, bear even higher nutrition properties, including a high polyphenol count between 400–1010 mg/L yearly, due to their location and their extremely unique sandy soil composition.

Furthermore, the olives are hand-picked at the perfect time to maximize flavor and health benefits while minimizing bruising and always cold-pressed within four hours of harvest to ensure freshness. This enables Laconiko to produce extra-virgin olive oils with a consistent acidity level below 0.2% every year, as well as extremely low peroxide values, ensuring a much higher longevity in their olive oils.

Balsamic vinegar, and more

The Laconiko family have partnered with a small balsamic producing family that produces an exclusive line of Laconiko balsamic vinegars and flavored balsamic vinegars. These balsamic vinegars are aged in traditional methods found only in Modena, Italy in oak barrels for an intense aroma and density, with extremely balanced flavor, that pair perfectly with the Laconiko extra virgin olive oils.

Award-winning authentic Greek olive oil

The Pierrakos family started Laconiko with a dream of keeping and continuing their family’s tradition into the twenty-first century.  With their farm located in the Southern Peloponnese, their headquarters are in Manassas, Virginia and are distributed to only quality retail stores around the country. If you are looking for one of the best olive oils in the world, you need an olive oil made from producers with honesty, integrity, consistency, passion and commitment, whose focus is not only on quality but the healthy conscious consumer, this is the reason we all consume olive oil in the first place.

Laconiko’s award-winning olive oils prove that you really can taste the family passion, commitment, dedication, and tradition in olive oil.