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Gold Label White Balsamic


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Our Gold label white balsamic vinegar is the result of a careful blend of cooked white Trebbiano grape must and delicate fine white wine vinegar, aged in oak barrels for a couple of years. Oak barrels are used because they do not darken the color of the balsamic. With an extremely high density of 1.29 and an acidity of 4.5%, this high quality product is something we are proud to share with you. This product has a balanced taste- refreshing, yet mature, and surprisingly sweet. It is commonly used for cooking white fish or crustaceans or in dishes where it is preferred that the meat isn’t discolored, like with a dark balsamic. This can also be used for vinaigrettes, salads, seafood, chicken and even mixed drinks.

*Pairs well with our Italian Seasoning, Blood Orange, and Black Truffle olive oils

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