375ML White Traditional Gold Label Balsamic

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Product Code: White Traditional Gold Label Balsamic
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Our Gold label white balsamic vinegar is the result of a careful blend of cooked white Trebbiano grape

must and delicate fine white wine vinegar, aged in oak barrels for a couple of years. Oak barrels are used

because they don’t darken the color of the balsamic. With an extremely high density of 1.29 and an

acidity of 5.30% this high quality product is something we are proud to share with you. This product has

a delicate balanced taste, refreshing, yet mature and surprisingly sweet. It is commonly used for cooking

white fish or crustaceans or in dishes where it is preferred that the meat isn’t discolored, like with a dark

balsamic. This can also be used for vinaigrettes, salads, seafood, chicken and even mixed drinks.

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