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Wholesale and Bulk extra virgin olive oils "Ask about our on-tap programs"

Thank you for your interest in our international award- winning, Koroneiko, extra-virgin olive oils. We take pride that we not only produce our extra virgin olive oil but we also personally distribute it. We do this for several reasons; The first, and most important reason, is to ensure that our olive oil production remains completely pure and unadulterated. This we can guarantee. Secondly, micro managing our business, without a middle man, allows us to build a strong personal connection with you. It also allows us to educate you and your customers on the importance of being choosy with what olive oil you consume and how to differentiate between quality olive oil and those that are mass produced. By offering complimentary tastings, in your store, and allowing your customers the direct opportunity to meet the olive oil producers, we are sure to build long lasting relationships.

As distributors, we offer you over four generations of experience in olive oil production. All our single estate, single olive cultivar is handpicked and always naturally filtered (never with mechanical means). After each harvest we offer you the opportunity to carry our limited production unfiltered extra virgin olive oil in order to better experience AUTHENTIC extra virgin olive oil in its purest form.

We are excited to offer our olive oil to all our retail partners "On Tap". As we have already explained, we have a strong belief in maintaining the quality of our extra virgin olive oil throughout its life cycle (from the tree to your table). To preserve the quality of Laconiko and to protect it from direct sunlight and oxygen, the two biggest enemies of olive oil, we place our olive oil in large stainless steel containers, also known as "fustis". In the presence of sunlight and oxygen, olive oil oxidizes and the acidity levels increase because of chemical degradation. The oil begins to lose many of its nutritional values and the shelf life decreases. Using Fustis, which are air tight, allow us to keep our extra virgin olive oil protected from these elements and eliminate these problems. When you pick us, we will provide the fustis as a complimentary gift to our stores to maintain the quality of the oil.

Our family is also a strong believer in being environmentally friendly. If we take care of our environment, it will take care of us in return. By using Fustis, customers are able to reuse and refill the glass bottles originally purchased, therefore eliminating the unnecessary waste of bottles.

When you choose our precious extra virgin olive oil you become a part of our family. For additional information and to find more about our "on-tap" program, please email us at, and one of the Pierrakos brothers (Diamantis or Dino) will be happy to contact you.

We thank you so much for your interest,