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The unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil produced by the Pierrakos family is the best we have ever tasted at Feast. Our customers recognize the significant quality of their oil and appreciate the extra care taken during the production process. The family's dedication to excellence from start to finish can be seen in the luscious finished product."
-Dave Kostelnik (Feast! Charlottesville, VA)

"Absolutely the best olive oil I have ever tasted! Hooray for you. I plan to make Laconiko my permanent "special" olive oil. I just used it while making hummus and the result is far tastier than with any other olive oil I've tried. I ounce went on an olive oil tasting tour in Italy. Yours is Better."
- Mickie (Virginia Customer)

"The Laconiko family produces award winning olive oil as well as an all-encompassing customer service, ranging from consumer education to next day emergency deliveries. Our customers have responded in an overwhelming manner to the quality of the oil, and often voice their appreciation for the educational seminars the Laconiko's offers as part of their tastings."
- Antoinette (Cork & Fork, LLC. Gainesville, VA)

"By far it is the best olive oil that I have tasted, even at the California vineyards that I have been to!"
- Debbie (Connecticut Customer)

"The best tasting olive oil I'd ever had & I plan to buy it again & again. It was well worth it. I could taste the difference between yours & store bought brands."
-Joyce (Virginia Customer)

"Honestly - I tasted your olive oil at a Wine Festival in Tanglewood Park, and although I always use EVOO - there is no comparison to yours and any other I have ever tasted. It is SOOOO worth it!"
-Nancy (North Carolina Customer)

"I drink the stuff (Laconiko) about one oz. per day. I have increased my HDL by drinking it daily. Your oil is the smoothest I have found with no burn or after taste."
-Wayne (North Carolina Customer)

"My husband and I tasted your olive oil and absolutely fell in love with it! We bought a small bottle just to be sure it tasted as great at home and it did. We can't help but use it every day. We are ready for some more of your liquid gold!"
-Lindsay (Virginia Customer)

"Laconiko extra virgin olive oil is without a doubt the most delicious and flavorful olive oil I have ever tasted. My customers are consistently surprised and delighted by the taste of this uniquely smooth, high quality product, which translates to great sales for me. Once you start using Laconiko at home, you won't want anything else."
-Gill (Firestone's Market. Frederick, MD)

"Here at Unicorn Winery we are very pleased to have such a fantastic product. The best olive oil I have ever tasted, my customers agree as well! Dino & Diamantis are fantastic to work with. Thank you both for taking such good care of us."
-Sandy (Unicorn Winery/Vineyard. Amissville, VA)

"I live in Houston and bought this olive oil in a winery in Virginia on tap, when my son was playing college summer league baseball. While we were there he signed a MLB contract with the Colorado Rockies as a left handed pitcher and flew out of town for Minor league ball. We loved the olive oil so much that I paid one of his baseball buddies big bucks to go back and get me 2 more bottles! Now we are almost out and I found the web site. So happy I can go to the Woodlands and buy it! Thank you for this delicious treat! Its better than candy!"
-Kayleen (Texas Customer)

"Love your olive oil. Got our first bottle at the Plains Wine Festival. We are almost out. Looking forward to getting more at the National wine festival. I was a non olive oil lover till I tasted yours. Thanks for a great product. By far it is the best olive oil that I have tasted!"
-Cyndi R (Virginia Customer)

" I lived in Italy for a few years, traveled most of the Mediterranean and thought I had tasted some of the best wines and olive oils in the world...which of course I did, but not until I tasted your olive oil did I realize what I had missed. Fruity, peppery, and it finishes like a fine wine and I will never be able to go back to the brand that I was using. A true gift from the Gods. Thank you!"
-Terry H (US Customer)